Directed by Kelley Kali & Angelique Molina

Produced by Roma Kong, Angelique Molina,
Kelley Kali, Capella Fahoome & Deon Cole

Written by Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina & Roma Kong

Danny, a recently widowed hairdresser, and her 8-year-old daughter Wes are houseless. Shielding Wes from the truth, Danny pitches a tent and convinces Wes that it’s a fun camping trip. As Danny works to find permanent housing, Wes grows increasingly tired of weeks in the heat, so Danny promises her that they will go home by the end of the day. With clients lined up, Danny is confident that she will have the final cash she needs to secure an apartment, but a series of mishaps threatens to derail her plans. Under mounting pressure, and with roller skates as her only means of transportation, she has to somehow manage to get the money she needs in order to keep her promise to her daughter.


We’re Here to Help

The work we do at Hannah’s Promise is heart work as we try to eradicate homelessness one person at a time taking one step at a time. We recently encountered this film and it so brilliantly conveyed the need for Hannah’s Promise. The lead character Dani is recently widowed. She and her daughter Wes are surviving by “camping” while she works to gather enough money to move them into their new apartment. 

Dani has a plan and won’t be deterred, not even from well meaning friends who offer to help. She has a plan and she’s going to get it done. The challenges she faces along the way include a robbery and ensuing assault at the hands of the assailant and getting stiffed on a hair braiding job by one of her friends. It seems that she won’t make ends meet in time to move in but her new angel makes a way by way of her sacrifice of a cherished ring. 

The people we meet and help have their own stories of triumph and defeat. They have their own plan and timetable for getting back on their feet. Some accept the help we offer and others only accept a goodie bag, resigned to their fate on the street. WE’RE HERE TO HELP AND WE WANT TO HELP! When we hear, “I’m fine,” we hear a dark truth beyond the veiled pleasantries. We hear the anguish emitting from your soul. We hear the cries for help that went unheard in the days, months and years before we took up this call. 

WE SEE YOU, WE HEAR YOU AND IF YOU ALLOW US TO, WE WILL HELP YOU! Watching this film renewed our passion to help get women, men and children off the street. Hard times could impact any of us and we could be in need of help with a mere keyboard stroke so in our gratitude for these blessings, we want to help those who need it. Our plans for short term housing and homelessness recovery are in the works. We will soon be able to do what has only been a dream for years! We’re excited to do the work and even more excited about the impact it will make for those we help.